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At the Brilliant Birth Club we offer birth preparation courses, birth reflections packages and women's circle collectives.  

Introduction to Hypnobirthing

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I host regular introduction workshops covering a different topic of birth preparation.

How to write a birth plan, breath for birth, a history of antenatal education, understanding comfort measures and using pain relief in birth the workshops are designed to give you practical tools to use in any birth situation.

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Complete Hypnobirthing


This compete antenatal course covers everything you need to know when preparing for a positive birth. 


Over 4 classes designed to support you to feel empowered and confident as you prepare to meet the love of your life. We cover everything from pregnancy, labour and life with a newborn.

Suitable from 20 weeks pregnant and available as a group or private experience.

Spectacular C-Section

Hypnobirthing couple with their ceasarean birth

We believe that caesarean birth can be brilliant.  So for parents-to-be who choose an elective C-Section and want to use hypnobirthing techniques to prepare for the birth of their baby, this is the course for you.

Using the relaxation techniques and antenatal education you can look forward to welcoming your baby into the world and then remembering their Birth Day with pride for years to come.

Birth Reflections

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This package has been lovingly crafted to meet needs of women who crave a supportive and safe place to process their experiences of birth.

Over 2 sessions you will be guided to revisit your birth story and you will be invited to take part in self-guided activities to contain and name your birth story.

A powerful and unique blend of witness and release.

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