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At The Brilliant Birth Club you can choose in-person hypnobirthing classes in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire.  We also offer online hypnobirthing classes.

Choose a hypnobirthing course to suit your pregnancy.  There is something here for first-time mums, second-time mums, third and fourth time mums too.  And don't forget the dads.  Brilliant birth partners are essential in ante-natal classes.  You are both welcome at The Brilliant Birth Club.

Complete Hypnobirthing


This compete antenatal course covers everything you need to know when preparing for a positive birth. 


Over 4 classes designed to support you to feel empowered and confident as you prepare to meet the love of your life. We cover everything from pregnancy, labour and life with a newborn.

Suitable from 20 weeks pregnant.

Brilliant Birth Essentials


This is a private class over 2 sessions or a half day, best suited to anyone who wants a hypnobirthing refresher course or who is 34+ weeks pregnant.

With particular focus on the techniques of hypnobirthing you can look forward to welcoming your newest family member with calm confidence knowing that you have everything you need to birth your baby.

Spectacular C-Section

Hypnobirthing couple with their ceasarean birth

We believe that caesarean birth can be brilliant.  So for parents-to-be who choose an elective C-Section and want to use hypnobirthing techniques to prepare for the birth of their baby, this is the course for you.

Using the relaxation techniques and antenatal education you can look forward to welcoming your baby into the world and then remembering their Birth Day with pride for years to come.

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