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Now in its third year, this complete hypnobirthing course is the landmark birth preparation course which offers all of the essential tools and techniques to navigate pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn.


This course includes all of the tried and tested techniques taught in hypnobirthing whilst also offering the space to connect with your baby, your birth partner and most importantly you!  Get ready to meet yourself as a mum on the other side of your completely unique birth experience.  You deserve a brilliant birth.


This is a judgement free, no expectation birth preparation course.  Where everyone is welcome and where mums and dads to be are encouraged to explore their own thoughts and dreams for this event.  A unique blend of education, preparation and celebration to give you all the tools you need to navigate modern day maternity with a healthy dose of fun and facts to get you through.


The dates for this course are:


Tuesday 7th of May - The principles of hypnobirthing and your brain and birth.

Tuesday 14th of May - Hormones in birth and the language of birth.

Tuesday 21st of May - Practical preparation for birth.

Tuesday 28th of May - Meeting your baby and the 4th trimester.


All classes will be held online.  From 7pm - 9.30pm.


But spaces are limited.  So book now to secure your space!

The Brilliant Birth Group Course - May 2024

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