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Circle is the place where sisterhood comes alive.  In recent times I've found myself pulled into these spaces where women gather and they talk uncensored about their lives, their hopes, their dreams and their fears.  It has been beautiful.  There is so much beauty in witnessing a woman in her truly sovereign power.  Using her voice uninhibited by social norms and expectations and choosing the words which she knows best describes her world. 


I am craving connection in this season of life.  And if I am, I know others are too.  If that is you and if you are willing to step into the unknown for a short while there is every chance that you may remember your knowing.  Ach, that all sounds a bit cryptic doesn't it, but truly, ever since the dawn of time, women have gathered.  They have shared, they have loved and they have known truth.  And now, with the power of zoom, we can leave our broomsticks in the cupboards and we can gather.  From the comfort of our own homes.


We can share, we can connect and we can remember the sisterhood.  We can honour each other and ourselves with our silence and our presence.


Now for the logistical bits.


This circle will be held on Friday 17th of May from 8pm - 9.30pm.

If you purchase a ticket, you will receive a link to a digital download and in there will be the link to the zoom room and instructions for joining.


A Woman's Circle

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