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Moving The Furniture Around

Updated: May 8

Growing up, we moved house a lot. I mean a lot, a lot.  But it wasn’t glamorous or liberating it was just because my mum had a pretty chaotic lifestyle and we were regularly fleeing one car crash relationship to another. However, it did make me pretty resilient (if a tad on the anxious side) and quite creative with space.

I mean literal, physical space.

If you are packing up your car for a long trip or a car boot sale, I am 100% your gal.  I can tetris the shit out of towers of cardboard boxes and oddly shaped lamps and somehow cram a hell of a lot into a very small space.  And to give my mum credit, she was quite adept at making a tired and forgotten rental property a temporarily loved, unconventional family home.  In only a few months, we often saw a number of layout iterations of our space, none of them wrong, none of them right – just us finding the best fit for our lives at the time.

And so I’ll share with you the lesson she didn’t realise she was sharing with me.

There is so much value – like huge astronomical value, in moving the furniture around. Taking what you already have, noticing where the energy is off and moving shit.  It works in your home, in your work and in your body. 

And it’s exactly what I’ve done in my business.

Let me tell you, I have craved stillness in my adult life.  It has been a cause of much frustration to my free-spirited, yet grounded husband who only really remembers two childhood homes.  But despite my longing for rootedness, truthfully my normal is flux.  It’s movement and often chaos.  In our current home we’ve moved whole rooms around more times than I can remember.  My clients have independently known 3 different hypnobirthing studios in this one house and that’s excluding the group who learnt from the dining room because the studio started leaking in the middle of their class… Now that was a lesson in managing your environment!  

I have adored Hypnobirthing being my main business focal point.  The big TV, the fancy sofa or the live, laugh, love sign stencilled onto the feature wall in the living room (no shade from me on your home décor styling).

I’m not saying goodbye to The Brilliant Birth Club Hypnobirthing.  Instead, I’m tucking it safely into the big cabinet in the hallway.  Next to the crockery we take out for group occasions like Christmas and grandparents’ birthdays – by that I mean about twice a year. Or of course by request. I am moving Birth Reflections into the fore and seeing what it feels like to let women’s circles influence the style.

The space that my offers take up and the space that surrounds them is changing and it feels expansive.  It feels like alongside a job, a toddler, a marriage and a social life these changes to my business give it space to breath.  And we all know how important breath is.

So to make the point that I hope might help if you are someone stuck in freeze mode, where something feels off but you you’re not ready for a huge cosmic shift.  Try reimagining the space you are already in.  Notice the shadows and see what happens if you allow an oddly shaped lamp to illuminate that space.  Could it be an option to simply move the furniture around?  Whether it’s in your professional or your personal life, if there’s something that’s been low key bothering you, ask yourself if it is an option to shift your focal point? Are you open to change as a result of readjustment?  I am categorically not saying stuff all your problems into cupboards, ignore them and hope that they go away.  If, when you move house all the cupboards are going to have to be dealt with.  But I’ve come to realise that for now in my business I don’t really need more stuff.  Because the things that I’ve already got are pretty spectacular.  But they haven’t been in the right places for now. So, we’re going to give this layout a whirl and you are so bloody welcome to pop in for a cuppa and check the place out. 

I haven’t moved.  You’ll find me in all the same places.

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