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Be Brilliant In Birth and Beyond.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

From the home of Aberdeen's best antenatal classes, we are here to celebrate the exceptionally clever and talented women across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and maybe even the world. Women who are running local businesses, flying the flag for women's health and generally kicking ass and taking names whilst balancing a toddler on the hip or between school pick up and dancing drop off.

Hi! I'm Lara-Jo. Owner of The Brilliant Birth Club, hypnobirthing teacher and mum of one.

I have been really passionate about women's rights ever since I can remember but when I became a mum I really saw how much pregnancy and motherhood was going to impact me. As my maternity leave came to an end I realised that the career I had spent my 20s working tirelessly on was not going to be compatible with the role of mum that I dreamed of. And not because it wasn't possible. But because the people making the rules didn't want it to be.

So I left that career. I started my own business centred on coaching women in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire throughout their pregnancy. The aim is to support women to realise their own potential as they take on the biggest challenge of all. Having a baby. I use hypnobirthing techniques and antenatal education to challenge the narrative that we need to follow rules made up by someone else for someone else. Because there are no rules on how you birth your baby. There are only choices.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirth or hypnobirthing is a framework of relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques designed to encourage the mind and body to relax before and during labour. When the body and mind are in a completely relaxed state, birth can happen more quickly and in alignment with nature's design because you are not fighting your instinctive processes. I want you to remember that first and foremost, birth is a biological function. If you choose interventions to support you on your path to parenthood I want you to know that you are still in control. With the right information you can choose what is right for you. But it is your responsibility to seek it out. Because you already have everything you need to birth your baby.

Your birth is your business. You are the boss of this event.

Choosing a Hypnobirth

If you are interested in hypnobirthing, your first responsibility is to decide how you want to learn the techniques. You can listen to podcasts, read the books or you can work with a hypnobirthing instructor and attend a course.

Whatever you choose, remember you are brilliant. You are perfectly designed for this in it's simplest form and the rest is for fun. That could be twinkly lights, lavender scented pillow spray or Taylor Swift playing on repeat.

You choose how to birth your baby. So make sure you are confident about your choices and step into your brilliance. It is a lovely place to be.

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