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There are no rules on how you birth your baby, but there are choices.

The Brilliant Birth Club

Welcome!  Whoever you are, whatever you want you are welcome here.  Because this is the home of Brilliant Birth and we believe that Brilliant Birth is for everyone. We know that hypnobirthing can help you achieve it and we can't wait to meet you.


Introduction to Hypnobirthing

If you are here it is probably because you are interested in hypnobirthing. You aren't alone in wondering what hypnobirthing classes actually are and how they can they help you.

Well, here's the good news.  I LOVE working with people who understand what hypnobirthing is and who are curious about birth and about their own potential when it comes to welcoming their babies into the world.

That is why I offer a free online hypnobirthing class.  This is suitable for pregnant mums, dads to be, midwives, grandparents and more.  The next one is online at 8pm on Wednesday 4th of October.

The introduction to hypnobirthing is your chance to find out whether hypnobirthing skills and techniques will be valuable to you on the biggest day of your life.  As you prepare to meet the love of your life remember, there are no rules but there are choices.

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Nikki Quote.png

Nikki, First Time Mum

“Lara is amazing, highly recommend this class to all. The information you gain is great. It has prepared me and my husband for what to expect before, during and after labour. Was a great experience and we also met a lovely couple to go through it all with."
Natalie Quote.png

Natalie, Third Time Mum

I couldn’t recommend Lara Jo of The Brilliant Birth Club enough! As third time expectant parents who have experienced previous losses we came with history and Lara Jo offered a safe space to work through our fears and concerns about this birth. My husband was a little reluctant, but after our final session we both agreed we just wished we’d done a workshop first time round!
Kev Quote.png

Kevin, First Time Dad

"This is a good course at a sensible pace of learning for the fundamentals of Hypnobirth, and how the ideas and practices can help throughout the beginning of parenthood.

Overall a very good experience and I would certainly recommend taking part in a taster session for an overview of what's involved."
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