Water Birth

The only silly question is an unanswered one.

Question Everything.


When should I start the course?

There is no right answer to this.  The sooner you start, the more time you will have to practise the techniques and prepare for labour.  That being said, I like to start working with couples who are at least 20 weeks pregnant.

Am I being hypnotised?

We will be practising hypnosis techniques and you will become skilled in self-hypnosis.  You will be conscious at all times although you should not drive or move around when listening to your Hypnobirthing tracks.

Will I have to practise in my own time?

No - you don't have to do anything.  BU-UT, I can’t have this baby for you.  So to get the most out of this course you will want to spend some time practicing each week when we are not together.

Can I use hypnobirthing in hospital?

YES!  It is completely transferable to wherever you give birth, however you give birth.

What is covered in the course?

A quick overview of the topics covered include:
Background to hypnobirthing
The brain and body connection
The physiology and hormones of birth
Preparing for birth
The birth team and environment
Signs of early labour
Comfort Measures
Birth breathing
The Fourth Trimester

Who should I take with me? My birth partner doesn’t believe in this.

Firstly, there is nothing to believe in.  We are not talking voodoo or the dark arts or even chanting to crystals (although you are more than welcome to chant if that’s your thing).  Working with your birth partner and giving them the resources that they will need to support you whilst you give birth is one of the most valuable parts of this course.  Remind your birth partner that their role in this is fundamental to your birthing experience and that they will greatly benefit from the knowledge they will gain by attending this course.  If that doesn’t work, take someone else.