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Matilda Moroney

25th September 2022
Born at 36+2 weeks
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 
Caesarean Birth

Matilda, theatre.PNG

The Unplanned

The last few weeks of my pregnancy were the most amazing and some of the most intense. We were in hospital for 9 days in total. We went in for a scan on the 20th and was told I needed to stay as my blood pressure was high and there was protein in my urine.

The Right Choice

Matilda was still breach and after a few days with my kidney and liver function reducing we decided that a C section was the best option for the pre-eclampsia. So Matilda was born via c section on the 25th at 36 +2 weeks ♥️. I thought I was going to be a mess getting my c section but it was so relaxed and it was the right decision for Matilda and I.

Postnatal Recovery

We stayed in hospital for 5 days after Matilda's birth as she lost a bit of weight after and I had lost 1.5 litres of blood during the c section. 

At home, Matilda finally started started putting on weight and we got discharged to the health visitor team.  As planned I got my placenta tablets which I think helped my recovery too!


♥️ I cant believe she's here and we are now a 3 ♥️ 

She's a tiny perfect bundle of love.

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