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Why The Brilliant Birth Club?

To be brilliant means to be exceptionally clever or talented.

Giving birth is the most clever and talented thing you will ever do.  And there is no right or wrong way to do it.  But there is a way to be informed and prepared because one way or another, that baby is coming out.  And it can be brilliant.

For some, brilliant may be birthing in an open field while howling at the moon.  For others it is with the support of professionals in a hospital theatre, midwifery led unit or in their own home.  The point is, there are no rules.  But there are choices.

My courses will give you the knowledge, skills and resources to allow you to look forward to meeting your baby.  It will support you to make confident decisions for you, your family and your baby in pregnancy, labour and beyond.

This is evidence-based, person-centred Hypnobirthing.  It is brilliant.  You are brilliant.  

Welcome to the club.


About Our Courses

Award Winning

The Little Birth Company was awarded Best Hypnobirthing Parent Courses and Instructor Training Provider by the Parent and Baby Awards 2021.

Instructor of the Month

Awarded to Lara-Jo Morrison of The Brilliant Birth Club by The Little Birth Company, September 2022.

Locally Owned

Face to face courses available in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire as well as online and City Centre locations.


About My Training

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The Little Birth Company

The Little Birth Company was founded in 2018 by Melissa Maloney (Clinical Hypnotherapist) and Wendy Wood (Midwife).

They now support over 145 instructors globally who are positively impacting pregnancy and birth.

They are proud winners of the Best Hypnobirthing Parent Courses and Instructor Training Provider awarded by the Parent and Baby Awards 2021.


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